Saturday, 25 May 2013


PAK FA & Indian FGFA (Though T 50 is the prototype for
both PAK FA & FGFA) The FGFA will be predominantly
armed with weapons of Indian
origin such as the Astra, a Beyond
Visual Range missile (BVR) being
developed by India. Although in
keeping with the Russian BVR
doctrine of using a variety of 

different missiles for versatility
and unpredictability   to
countermeasures, the aircraft is
expected to have compatibility
with various missile types. The
FGFA may include systems
developed by third parties. It
would also include advanced
Indian composites in it's
structure. Majority of the software
would be of Indian origin, along
with Indian avionics. HAL will also
make about 30% Design changes.
The completed joint Indian/
Russian versions of the
operational fighters will differ
from the current flying prototypes
through the addition of stealth,
super-cruise, sensors,
networking, and combat avionics
for a total of 43 improvements.
India can Modify T 50 by replacing
its engine & Nozzle Design for 3D
Vector Thrusting & adding some
Advance Sensors & ornaments
From France & Israel and totally
modified weapon Bay for using
India Made Weapon & Missile
Systems Astra & BVR..

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