Saturday, 10 November 2012

Airbus Military’s A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport

Airbus Military’s A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport is the most capable in-flight refuelling platform available today. 
The aircraft has become the market leader in its category, thanks to its flight proven advantages – including superior performance, the latest technology, true multi-role flexibility, a large basic fuel capacity(111 tonnes / 245,000 lb), permanent lower deck freight capacity, and excellent payload/range capability.
As the low-risk solution for air forces worldwide, the A330 MRTT has won the most recent international competitions, being selected by the Royal Australian Air Force, U.K. Royal Air Force, the Royal Saudi Air Force and the United Arab Emirates Air Force & Air Defence AND recently against IL78mki for IAF.

The first airbus Military A330 MRTT was delivered to the RAAF in June 2011, following an extensive development and test programme for what is the world’s only certified and flying new generation tanker/transport aircraft.
It is derived from the best-selling A330 widebody twin-engine commercial airliner, and excels in the full range of operational tanker mission scenarios.  The aircraft also has designed-in flexibility for cargo, passengers and aeromedical evacuation. It combines advanced avionics with Airbus’ proven fly-by-wire control system and the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques, enabling the lowest operating costs. 

The A330 MRTT can directly support a fighter squadron's deployment by carrying its operational personnel and equipment while also performing refuelling escort for the squadron's combat aircraft to an overseas base. This allows the fighter squadron to deploy as a unit, and then quickly ramp up to a combat-level sortie rate after arrival. 

In addition, the A330 MRTT is perfectly suited to undertake additional missions for current and future military forces’ requirements. Its large cabin provides volume for additional mission equipment, and the onboard power system can accommodate add-on loads such as multifunction automated relay terminals (SMART). 

The A330 MRTT’s significant fuel capacity (111 tonnes/245,000 lbs.) – combined with high offload rates – ensures that all receiver aircraft can be refuelled efficiently and quickly. Multi-point refuelling allows the A330 MRTT to top off several receiver aircraft simultaneously. Its state-of-the-art Aerial Refuelling Boom System (ARBS) from Airbus Military, combined with Cobham hose and drogue refuelling systems, provide the unique capability to service probe-equipped and slipway-equipped aircraft during the same mission.

One of the A330 MRTT’s advanced technology features is its all-electric Aerial Refuelling Boom System, which provides highly accurate, reliable in-flight refuelling. Developed  by Airbus Military specifically for the A330 MRTT, the under-fuselage centreline ARBS is the only new-generation boom, and allows the fastest fuel transfer (4,600 litres per minute) – greatly reducing the refuelling operation time. 

Modern fly-by-wire technology incorporated in the centreline ARBS provides enhanced controllability and includes an automatic load alleviation system that greatly aids the boom operator – as well as the receiver aircraft's pilot – during refuelling operations. 

The A330 MRTT also carried two all-digital Cobham 905E hose and drogue pods under the wings, which can simultaneously refuel two probe-equipped receiver aircraft.  In addition, a Cobham 805E hose and drogue under-fuselage refuelling unit can be installed for additional fuel transfer capability.
These air-to-air refuelling (AAR) systems are controlled from a state-of-the-art Fuel Operator Console integrated in the cockpit, and they make the A330 MRTT interoperable with NATO and allied aircraft on the same mission – without downtime needed for reconfiguration. 

The A330 MRTT carries a Universal Air Refuelling Receptacle Slipway Installation (UARRSI) on the forward fuselage above the cockpit, enabling the aircraft to be refuelled by other tankers, increasing its time aloft/range for the most demanding missions. 

Thanks to its true widebody fuselage with the optimised Airbus 222-inch cross-section, the A330 MRTT can also be used as a pure transport aircraft, able to carry up to 380 passengers or a payload of up to 45 tonnes/99,000 lbs. It can also easily be converted to accommodate up to 130 stretchers for medical evacuation. 

As no additional fuel tanks are needed, the A330 MRTT maintains the lower deck forward, aft and bulk cargo hold payload capacity, unaffected by any air-to-air refuelling equipment. 
The versatility of the A330 MRTT enables a wide variety of cargo to be transported – from standard commercial containers, through military, ISO and NATO pallets and containers, to military vehicles.  As an option, the main deck can be configured for cargo transport with the installation of a large forward loading door to allow large items of equipment to be carried, or a total of 34 463-L military pallets.

The A330 MRTT also features a suite of advanced military avionics and mission systems integrated with the civil avionics, and can also be provided with a comprehensive survivability package including defensive aids, along with fuel tank inerting and cockpit armouring.

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